Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 2013 ..... Election Primer Part 2

In order to make our reviews of candidates easier to read, we will split this into multiple parts.

City of Country Club Hills

Recommended Candidates: (Cynthia Singleton-Ward 1, Vincent Lockett-Ward 2, Tyrone Hutson-Ward 3, Steven Burris-Ward 4, Cynthia Cunningham-Ward 5)

Welch's referendum went through and now only five alderman will exist instead of 10. The recommended candidates are anti-welch and these types of people are needed for the City to survive. The city no longer has the money to hire friends, family, and come up with bogus projects.
Village of Crestwood

Recommended Candidates: New Leadership Party Slate (John Toscas-Mayor, Jill McDonald-Clerk, Matt Brady-Trustee, Gary Carr-Trustee, James Jurewicz-Trustee)

John Toscas was elected as trustee on a reform agenda. He has performed well and we except him and his slate to continue the good work and get Crestwood away from the insanity started by the Stranczyk's.
Village of Dixmoor

Recommended Candidates: Wendy Casey-President, Rosemary Haines-Clerk, 

Dixmoor is literally in a fight for survival. With missed tax collections, a fire truck repossession, a current mayor who permanently lives in city hall, and a trustee who thinks it is ok to steal gas it is important to right the ship. The recommended candidates should bring some transparency and honor once again to Dixmoor and pull the village back from the brink of insolvency.
Village of Dolton

Recommended Candidates: Riley Rogers-Mayor

Current Mayor Ronnie Lewis has not really completed anything during his term. He is basically an absentee mayor. He tried to punish those running against him by getting code enforcement to take down others campaign signs. This was challenged and defeated in court. Dolton will be better with Ronnie not running it.
Village of East Hazel Crest

Recommended Candidates: Thomas Brown-Mayor, Helen Minnis-Clerk, Moe Forte-Truste

These candidates have run the village for a while. But they yield results. Balanced budgets and a coffee shop finally in the train station. Give these guys another four years.
Village of Evergreen Park

Recommended Candidates: Good Government Party (James Sexton-President, Cathy Aparo-Clerk, Carol Kyle-Trustee, Mark Phelan-Trustee, Dan McKeown-Trustee)

The Good Government Party is achieving results including a Menards, Meijer, and Evergreen Plaza redevelopment. They need to improve transparency though. Give these guys another shot.
Village of Homewood/Village of Flossmoor

Recommendations: Not Needed-Uncontested

Mayors Rich Hofeld-Homewood and Mayor Paul Braun-Flossmoor and their associates are running uncontested. This is ashame because they both have enough shortcomings where I believe they need to be challenged.
Village of Ford Heights

Recommended: (Dion Wiley-President, April Thompson-Independent)

Ford Heights is in shambles. President Griffin has done little to alleviate the disparities that exist in the village. Plus he is being investigated. Wiley is a fresh start. For trustee make sure to NOT vote for Jonathan Viverette as they have significant issues to say the least.
Village of Glenwood

Recommended Candidate: Kerry Durkin-President

Kerry Durkin has a great passion for Glenwood. He has fought to improve services and balance the budget. He deserves another four years.
Village of Hazel Crest

Recommended Candidates: Independent Slate (Vernard Alsberry Jr-Mayor, Mary Grant-Clerk, Susan Pate-Trustee, Kevin Moore-Trustee, Ben Ramsey-Trustee)

Robert Donaldson has destroyed Hazel Crest over the years. Commercial and Industrial vacancies abound, crime is up, and foreclosures are high. Please give a new slate of candidates a chance.
City of Hometown

Recommended Candidates: Independent Slate-Kevin Casey-Mayor, Mary Jo Hacker-Clerk, Mike Madden-Treasurer

The City of Hometown now has a website and is much more transparent now that Don Robertson is gone. Give them another term.
Village of Justice

Recommended Candidates: The Coalition Party (Mayor Kris Wasowicz, Kathy Svoboda-Clerk, et al)

The Coalition Party has made strides to balancing the budget and improving transparency to the residents of Justice. They deserve another term.
Village of Lansing

Recommended Candidates: (Don Sciackitano-President, Kelly Hasse-Clerk, Mikal Stole-Trustee)

As my previous blogs have indicated, Abbott has been a disappointment. Sustainable economic development and community relations should be top priorities.

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